21st May

Progress Report: Week of 21st May

  • Robotic Arm:

In the last week, I worked on the robotic arm along with Roshan, Joyce and Derek. The pcbs were fixed and tested. The new batch of PICs arrived on Monday and those were The arm was mounted on the platform and tested. However, there are some issues with movement along X and Y axes. It appears that the coupling has issues due to the weight of the Z-axis and gets stuck when the direction of movement is reversed. With some help from the manufacturers, we should be able to resolve this matter by the end of the week. The speed of the arm might be a problem and needs to be addressed after we fix the mechanical problems.

  • Game code: I looked into the game code last week. I will be integrating the TCP/IP portion into it this week.
  • Actuators and Bluetooth code: I've cleaned up the code of the bluetooth based actuator control program. Roshan and I have devised a protocol for communication between the PC and the master. We are working on making the system robust (graceful handling of actuator errors, synchronization etc).
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