06 28 2007 - J&M Training Procedure For La

1) Training procedure for demo in LA:

- Omit special training (~ 10 mins). Try to control the food given everyday so that the hamsters will be more willing to chase after the bait
- Connect the cage directly to the structure without using the tunnel  omit method of Duncan training (~ 10 mins)
- Only need to train normally with the bait
- Each hamster will undergo 2 cycles of training daily: 1 time in the morning and 1 time in the evening.
- Total time for training (5 hamsters) = 1 hr– 2 hrs for one cycle.

• 5 hamsters
• Tank
• 1 Carton boxes (1 A1 or A2 size)
• Tunnel attractor with different tunnel shape
• Mixed seeds (each hamster = 10g or 1 table spoon per day – inside attractor and in food bin in total)

Follow the general guide of training procedure.
- If the hamsters do not perform well, increase the frequency of the training. However, ensure that the hamsters have at least 3-4 hours resting before the next training.
- During training time, play noise and music in order to help the hamster get used to the noisy demo environment. Do not play noise or music during resting time.
- Check BCS every week. If BCS drops down below 2 or any weird behavior appears, reduce the training and give more food.
- Daily menu: 1 spoon of mixed seeds and a small piece of yogie/yogurt. (do not give too much food to get good training result)
- If the structure is not ready for training, we can use an A1 or A2 size card box for training. Connect the cage to the box by making a hole at one side of the box. Imitate the movement of the actuators by using a plastic bag filled with water (remember to seal the bad carefully and do not fill with too much water). Place the water bag inside the card box.
(Or we can place a cloth inside the box and use strings to pull it up and down)

2) Cage - Structure connection:

- The cage will be connected directly to the structure without using tunnel so that it is easier to get the hamster to go into the structure
- Use the small carrier instead of a cage with a built-in door. When the hamster run into the structure, close the door.

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