Elvin 070620 - Study 3 For L.A.

User Enjoyment Studies for ML in LA

Questions for LA

  • base on those applicable to ML
  • modified to fit the 5min LA-ML interface
  • modified to be a quick 5 min survey as human flow is high and fast
  • total 60 questions (20x3)
  • Questionnaire separated into 3 sections to save time:
    • Section A – Concentration(3), Challenge(2), Human Animal Interaction(2)
    • Section B – Player skills(4) and Control(2)
    • Section C – Clear Goals(2), Feedback(3) and Immersion(2)
  • Approximately 18-21 questions per section
  • Each individual to perform 1 section only

Section A


Games should require concentration and the player should be able to concentrate on the game

  • games should provide a lot of stimuli from different sources
    • I noticed different sources of stimulation
    • I was stimulated by the game by different sources
    • I felt stimulated by different sources of stimuli from the game
  • games should quickly grab the players’ attention and maintain their focus throughout the game
    • The game grabbed my attention when it started
    • I could maintain my focus on the game from the start
    • I was easily distracted from the game from the start
  • games should have a high workload, while still being appropriate for the players’ perceptual, cognitive, and memory limits
    • There are too many things going on at one time
    • The amount of stimuli was not more than I can focus on
    • There is too much stimuli for me to focus properly


Games should be sufficiently challenging and match the player’s skill level

  • challenges in games must match the players’ skill levels
    • The game was not too difficult to play
    • The game was not too easy
    • The difficulty of the game was at an manageable level for me
  • the level of challenge should increase as the player progresses through the game and increases their skill level
    • I feel that the game gets more difficult as I get more skillful
    • The difficulty of the game increases as the game progresses
    • The game becomes more challenging as the level increases

Human Animal Interaction

  • Telepresence
    • I was aware that I was playing with a hamster during gameplay
    • I knew I was playing with my hamster during gameplay
    • I had no idea that I was playing with my hamster
  • Relationship with pet
    • I feel more connected to my pet after gameplay
    • I feel closer to my pet after gameplay
    • I feel that my pet and I are closer after gamepla

Section B

Player Skills

Games must support player skill development and mastery

  • players should be able to start playing the game without reading the manual
    • The game was easy to learn
    • I could easily understand how to play the game
    • The game could easily be learnt to play without reading the manual
  • learning the game should not be boring, but be part of the fun
    • Learning the game was not boring
    • Understanding how to play the game was fun
    • The game was boring to learn
  • games should increase the players’ skills at an appropriate pace as they progress through the game
    • The game helps me increase my skills at the right pace
    • I feel more skillful as I play the game more.
    • The game hones my skill level.
  • game interfaces and mechanics should be easy to learn and use
    • The game interface was easily to learn and use
    • I felt that it was difficult to learn and use the game interface
    • I easily learnt the game interface and mechanics


Players should feel a sense of control over their actions in the game

  • players should feel a sense of control over their characters or units and their movements and interactions in the game world
    • I feel in control of my avatar
    • The avatar was under my control
    • I feel that I am not in control of my avatar
  • players should feel a sense of control over the game interface and input devices
    • I feel that I can control the game interface
    • I am in control of the game interface
    • I could control the game interface

Section C

Clear Goals

Games should provide the player with clear goals at appropriate times

  • overriding goals should be clear and presented early
    • The objectives of the game are clear and presented early.
    • I feel that the aims of the game are unclear and are not presented early
    • I knew the goals of the game early and clearly
  • intermediate goals should be clear and presented at appropriate times
    • Intermediate goals were clear and appeared at appropriate times
    • I understood the intermediate objectives well and they appeared at appropriate times
    • The intermediate aims were unclear and presented at inappropriate times


Players must receive appropriate feedback at appropriate times

  • players should receive feedback on progress toward their goals
    • I knew my progress towards my goals well
    • I frequently received feedback on my progress towards my goal
    • I did not know how I was progressing thru the game
  • players should receive immediate feedback on their actions
    • I received immediate feedback on my actions
    • My actions were always followed by immediate feedback
    • I did not know what my actions in the game did
  • players should always know their status or score
    • I’m aware of my score always
    • I frequently did not know what my status or score was
    • I always knew what my score and status was


Players should experience deep but effortless involvement in the game

  • players should become less aware of their surroundings
    • I lost track of my surroundings
    • I noticed less things happening around me
    • During game play I was less aware of what was physically going on around me
  • players should experience an altered sense of time
    • I lost track of time when I was playing the game
    • Time seemed to pass differently when I was playing the game
    • I was not aware of the time when I was playing the game
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