Roshan 28th May

The initialization protocol between the master circuits and the PC was established. Additionally we are now able to tell the PC which of the slaves are not working or not responding due to some reason so that that PC does not issue any commands to those. This step is important for the game and the callibration of the terrain.

The team was able to completely finish the actuator subsystem that controls the terrain. An application was devoloped so that a userfriendly interface is presented for the user to set up the communication and work with the actuator subsystem. It also presents functions such as displaying the slaves that are not working and sliders to operate each actuator.

To do list for hardware system for the next few weeks

  • Callibration of the terrain of the game to suite the actual latex movement
  • Callibration of the mechanical arm (Once repaired by Michael)
  • Integration of the buzzer and a simple switch to the master circuit of the robotic arm to simulate the whistling sound to train the hamsters.
  • A protocol has to be established to issue the commands to the actuators(in both mech arm and actuator subsystem systems) so that the actuators move smoothly and the commands are not overwritten by one another.
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