Roshan 14th May

Metazoa Ludens Update-14th May

  • The modified slave circuits(to over come the issue with the connectors) were tested and all the I2C communication lines were replaced by multi strand wires for better connectivity. This proved to be much more robust and works well even when put inside the structure.
  • The acutator themselves had the problem where the connecting joint between the stpper motor and the mechanical moving part where the joint slips and the motor turns independently of the moving part. Therefore all the actuators were modified to prevent this happening.
  • All the actuators were fixed with the initilization switch and the integration with the slave circuits works fine. All the actuators are now initialized upon start up without any problems.
  • Now we have modified three more slave circuits to over come the connector issue which will be used for the mechanical arm. Their I2C has been tested with their own master circuit and now integrating them with the mechanical arm will be tried out.

Work to be done in the hardware portion

  • Working out the protocol between the PC and the master circuits so that the PC waits until all the actuators have initialized
  • Tesing the mechanical arm for speed etc.
  • Mounting of the PCB's on the mechnical arm so that the movements of the arm and the camera view are not obstructed by the wires and the circuits
  • Working out a protocol to control the mechanical arm via the PC smoothly
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