Roger: 6th June 2007

For the hardware, Derek is done with the calibration of virtual terrain with real terrain using TCP/IP communication done by Karthik, which takes the actuators displacement and send it to the client running the game engine. Derek is currently working on calibration of the Z-coordinates of the human avatar with the mechanical arm such that as the human moves through the virtual terrain, the mechanical arms raise and falls vertically to avoid hitting the real terrain. Karthik will again be involved in the TCP/IP communication for sending the human avatar's Z-coordinates to the mechanical arm in the game server. Karthik on the other hand is working on automating the actuators movements.

For the software, the game design has taken the direction of manga style as such unicode is added to the game engine by Janaka such that Japanese characters may be display in line with the manga style of the game. Roger has carried on with some of the game rules and has enabled the timer which will halt the game when "Time's Up!". Cat Avatar design is complete and now in the process of creation by Corey using 3D Max after which it will be converted to .x format to run in DirectX.

For the hamster research, a buzzer has been done by Derek which will be used to replace the whistle. This will eventually be controlled by the game server as well during gameplay. A pump has been used to train the Method-of-Duncan for the hamster such that they could run through the tunnel. Cronbach's Alpha is being done for the Flow theory, this could eventually be used by all other user studies (involving surveys) to prove reliability of results.

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