Roger: 30th May 2007

For the hardware, Derek is currently working on the calibration of the real terrain with virtual terrain and is expected to complete calibration by Friday. The mechanical arm is currently awaiting investigation by supplier, Derek has asked for the supplier to come down by Friday or Monday. Karthik is currently working on sending the actuators live data to the game engine through TCP/IP for the mapping of real and virtual terrain.

For the software, the timer is currently added. Roger is working on starting a "Scene" by coding for the "Times Up" scene, this scene template will then be repeated for other scenes as well (e.g. Game Over, You Win!). Janaka is currently working on unicode for input of text for the game engine. The cat avatar design has been done by Derek and is now in the process of being modeled by 3D Max for the creation of a 3D model.

For the hamsters side, the whistle is in the process of implementation. Method of Duncan is currently being tested out while using a pump for training purposes. Winter white hamsters are being used instead of roboroski since they can chase the attractor better. This would be the choice of hamster to get in LA as well.

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