Roger: 27th June 2007

Technology has come a long way with mankind by making things easier and improving the way men live. However it has also come to the stage whereby it should not just be capable of advancing men’s lives by making tasks easier; it should also be use to evoke emotions and enhance experience especially in areas of interaction amongst people. Imagine instead of sending a text message “I love you” over a mobile phone to your lover you could send the same message with a hug by squeezing the phone. The recipient on the other hand not only obtained the text message on the phone, he/she could receive the hug through a jacket which the person is wearing or a simple squeeze on a hand band wore. Even though the hug is not real, coupled with the text message it is definitely capable of evoking greater emotions than just the text message alone.

Such is Evocative Interaction, whereby through use of technology, interaction is enhanced by adding semantics beyond texts and words. Metazoa Ludens should fall under such technology, whereby playing computer games with hamsters is seen as an interaction that evoke more in the human than just normal gameplay. This is so since association of interaction is towards real live hamsters. However this technology whereby animals/living beings form parts of the system is seen as a new biotronic systems and is used to study an aspect of Evocative Interaction.

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