Roger: 16th May 2007

The team is somewhat divided into three groups. The hardware, software and the biology group.

For the hardware group it currently consists of Roshan (group leader), Joyce, Derek and Karthik. The actuators for the latex surface have now been half completed, but the limit switch has been implemented. 7 of them are fixed up while now awaiting for 26 other PIC16F 76 to be delivered for used for the rest of the actuators as well as the mechanical arm. Work already has began on testing the mechanical. The mechanical arm will be installed soon by the supplier. This will then help speed up work on it as it may be easier to work on it when it is in the structure (as requested by the hardware team). Down the road, once all the actuators are up, Derek will proceed to calibrate the actuators’ movements and its effects on the real terrain with the virtual terrain. Any modification required will be done using software on the virtual terrain since the virtual terrain is the one mimicking the real terrain in this case. Future works for calibration of the mechanical arm with the human avatar are also in the process of being planned.

For the software group it currently consists of Roger (group leader) and Janaka. Currently refinement on the game engine is being looked into by Janaka. His first step towards this will be addition of the timer for the game. Roger on the other hand has began looking into refining visuals through exploration of shading.

Biology group currently consists of Janyn (group leader), Muratti and Elvin. Currently for the first step, they are investigating on the various statistical methods required to conduct hamster studies. Janyn on Wilcoxon signed-rank test for BSC studies, Muratti on Wilcoxon signed-rank test for Method-of-Duncan, Elvin on Cronbach’s Alpha for Flow model studies. Future works will be the real implementation of the testing and evaluation of the results. In addition other related works in the progress are the whistling sound for the hamster, the design of the hamster paradise, the testing of using Winter White hamsters instead of the roboroski

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