Roger: 13th June 2007

Hardware side, the Y axis of the mechanical arm is currently up and running. Using the same principle testing on the X axis of the mechanical arm is currently being done. Order for new lead screws to replaced the make shift ones will be ordered and be used. The list of hardwares to be purchase for back up is being collated.

Hamster side, testing has been done on WinterWhite since they chase the arm better than roborovski, nevertheless for running through the tunnel the latter performs better. In the event whereby non-conclusive decisions have to be made due to lack of research time available for WinterWhite, roborovski will be used instead for demo in LA. The buzzer and wind blow (for Method-of-Duncan) has been set up with circuit boards, the next step will be to integrate it with the game server to run it.

Software side, Game Design conceptualisation is in process right now. Certain games rules has been coded (e.g. health points, gem collected, timer, restart game).

In addition user studies is now being investigated using cronbach's alpha for reliability. This is but the 1st step to formally present survey results which can be reused by any other projects in the future for Flow theory.

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