Muratti 05/30/07 - Study 2 Week 1

WEEK 1: Trial period – 22st May 2007 to 29th May 2007

Object: Meena

Day 1: 23rd May 2007

Method: As described in study 2 procedure with some following changes
- The 1st end of the tunnel linked to the cage
- The 2nd end of the tunnel linked to a small card box instead of ML structure
- Food was used as positive reinforcement: given whenever Meena go through the tunnel

- At the beginning, it was very hard to get her go into the tunnel. She kept running and hiding in her cage.
- Negative reinforcement (knocking, blowing) scared her. As the result, she stayed in the tunnel which seemed to become a shelter for her.
- Food was then used as positive reinforcement to reduce the use of negative reinforcement. Food was placed at the openings of the tunnel or dropped down when she went through the tunnel.
- Achievement: At the end of the 1st day, Meena was more willing to go through the whole length of the tunnel, only stayed and hid inside for a few time. But she still did not react to the whistle and only went into the tunnel when negative reinforcement was used.

Day 2: 24th May 2007 onwards

- To improve the effectiveness of the training, a long and narrow box was specially used. The tunnel was place inside the box and not attached to the cage.
- Food was still used.

- Because there was no place to run away and hide, the result was better. She did not hide inside the tunnel anymore. Less reinforcement needed to be used.
- However, she was still unwilling to start our game!!!

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