Muratti 06/13/07 - Study 2 Procedure & Future Experiments

Study 2:

- Method of Duncan is applied in ML to access the strength of preference of the hamsters towards ML.
- The buzzer is used to signal the start of the game. Out of 10 times signaling by the buzzer, number of times the hamster going into the structure is recorded. Doing like this, we can ensure that our data is usable as the hamster going into the structure to play the game rather than just by chance or because of its curiosity.
- The blower is used to create the wind which is a negative reinforcement to make the hamster run through the tunnel.
- The buzzer and the blower can be manually control by the switch temporarily. We will try to develop it so that it can be controlled automatically when the player wants to start the game. They are now put in the so-called an “extra room” attached to the cage.

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