06 06 2007

Training Hypothesis

Hypothesis 1:
Winter White hamster chases attractor better than roborovski hamster.
E (Winter White), Meena and J (roborovskis)
The hamsters will be trained inside the tank to chase after the attractor. Positive reinforcement will be given to reward their efforts.

Training Results

Training ground has been switched back to the tank arena.
Meena: Chases attractor well and fast
J:Chases attractor fairly well
E:Chases attractor but gets distracted by black cloth (chews and pulls it)
D: Special training was stopped after one day as she gave birth to another litter of 5 hamsters.


Meena: Has reached optimum score of 3
J: Approximately 3.5
E: 4
M: 3; she looks to be balding.

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