05 30 2007

Training Progress

Meena, J and E (adult male Winter White)are undergoing training in the fish tank. The original training arena could not be used as the engineers are trying to fix the arm.

  • Meena: still chases the attractor well with some positive reinforcement
  • J: given special training. Chases better than the week before.
  • E: quite good for a beginner. Chases and tunnels through slowly and steadily. He currently has a habit of eating inside the tunnel.

BCS Update for the Week

  • Meena: 2.8
  • J: 4
  • M: 3
  • E: 4

M's BCS is quite misleading now since she is a control for the experiment. She constantly runs on the wheel and eats less these days (maybe too stressed or excited), which thus makes her less fat. This could probably be due to the presence of an adult male hamster near her. Hence, we will be putting E at a different location from the female hamsters.

New Babies

The Winter White baby hamsters have developed fur on their body. They can partially open their eyes and are beginning to eat solid food. We would be separating them from the Mother Hamster in about one week's time for training purpose.

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