06 13 2007 - Training/BCS For LA

Body Condition Scoring can be sufficient data to show that Metazoa Ludens provide positive benefits for pet hamsters. They are able to exercise and obtain an optimum BCS score (adequate amount of flesh and fat)

Meena's BCS is currently 3 which is the optimal score.
E's BCS is decreasing due to exercising in ML
M (the control) has a higher BCS. Note: Her BCS went down to 3 as she was excited by a male hamster presence and irritated by D's constant running on the wheel. She hence ran a lot on the wheel making her BCS decreased then.


Different tunnel types could be needed to give the hamsters a variety of tunnels to play with.


Extra training is done concurrently with the normal training to improve the hamsters' performance under a short period of time.

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