Elvin 070614 - New Study 3 Design

New Study 3 Design - User Enjoyment


  • To study user’s enjoyment of the ML game.
  • Uses GameFlow model (Sweetser) based on a modified Flow Theory (Csikszentmihalyi)
  • Design template that can be applied to other systems and future projects
  • Work as a basis for future Game Designs

Problems with previous Study

  • Surface analysis
    • Only computed in terms of percentage positives
    • Sufficient for corporate presentations but not academic paper
    • No computation of means, variances etc
  • Reliability issues
    • Previously not calculated
    • Need to ensure questions asked are reliable


  • Questionnaire based on a 5 point Likert Scale
  • Multiple questions (e.g. 3) for each criteria

Questionnaire Design

  • Based on GAMEFLOW Model
  • Various elements, each element has several criteria
  • Each criteria will be asked 3 similar but differently phrase questions
  • These 3 similar questions will not be asked together, but separated into different sections

Study Design

  • Population: Hamster lovers community
  • Samples: Randomly selected both males and females of any age
  • Sample size: 50
    • 40 to give a Normal Distribution
    • 10 for buffer in case of absentees or unreliable results
  • 3 sections to the questionnaire
  • Overall mean and variance to be computed
    • Mean to estimate population’s preference on a scale Likert Scale
    • Variance to help estimate if mean is significantly different from 3 (neutral)
  • Reliability to be computed (Internal Consistency)
    • Cronbach’s Alpha – preferred methodology
    • Split Half Adjusted
    • K-R20, K-R21

Study Design for Wired NextFest

  • Designed for a quick 5-10 minute survey
  • Truncated Version of the questionnaire
  • 1 section instead of 3
  • Less related questions will be removed
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