Derek: 2007 05 31

Progress Update

Mechanical Arm Subsystem

1. I am contacting Michael to arrange a date for his team to come down to fix the arm. I have called him twice in the past week but he has not confirmed a date yet (could be due to the holiday). I will call him again this coming Monday to get him to expedite the process. Calibration for the arm will proceed once Michael and his team come down to fix the arm.

2. I have checked with Roger regarding the speed of the mechanical arm and he has said that the speed is optimal and need not be improved. If the arm was to move too fast, it may scare the hamsters. Also, the newer hamsters (winter whites) move slower than the roborovskiis. Thus, the speed is ok for the current situation.

Diagnostic Tool

1. The dialog box background color for for the diagnostic tool has to be changed to black and the text changed to lime green. This was to fit the Metazoa Ludens color scheme.

Boss Character

1. I was also assigned to come out with the concept design of the new boss character, the cat. I did the initial drawings and this will be passed to the artist to be modeled in 3d max. I will later learn to import the model into the game.


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