Derek: 2007 06 28

Progress Update

Robotic Arm

1. The new lead screws had arrived later part of last week and I had proceeded to fix the structure up. As the configurations of the structure didn't match the dimensions of the new bronze nut, I had to construct an adapter to fix the bronze nut onto the existing structure. Furthermore, I had to insert a new motor for the Y axis to allow the arm to move smoothly. The structure is fixed up and the arm was tested. It is working properly now.

2. However, the speed of the arm is still unable to match up with the speed of the hamsters and the speed of the human avatar on the game client. We have ordered planetary gear boxes to help up ratio the speed of rotation of the worm axles to bring the speed of the arm up to match the hamster and human avatar.

3. I have started to integrate the arm with the human avatar. I would to take measurements and set the calibration to ensure that the arm is moving correctly within the terrain.

4. Further more will need to be done with the integration between the arm and the virtual terrain to ensure that the Z arm is moving accordingly to the terrain to prevent any collision.


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