Derek: 2007 06 12 - Calibration of Z arm

Progress Report

Calibration of Z arm

1. I began to calibrate the Z arm first since the X-Y arms were still not working. As the Z arm remains a constant height above the terrain, the value for the Z arm would depend on the height of the terrain below the arm. This value for the Z arm can be taken from the virtual terrain.

2. We made a decision to allow the server to calculate the respective height map of the virtual terrain and the client would only need to send the X-Y coordinates of the player over to the server.

3. Firstly, it is easier to send an integer rather than a floating point number using the current TCP/IP configuration.

4. Secondly, we remove any risk of a delay in transfer of the Z value from the client. For example, given a set of actuator values, the server may fail to receive the corresponding Z arm value from the client due to lag. This may cause the arm to crash into the terrain during game play. By allowing the server to calculate the Z arm value, the server will always have the actuator values and its corresponding Z arm value.

5. The Z arm calibration has been completed but further test needs to be done after the X-Y arms have been fixed.


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