25th May

The actuator subsystem and software have been completed and tested. A summary of the major changes and new additions:

  • Protocol for PC-Master communication: The PC can check the status of master and slaves. It can also move the actuators by communicating via Bluetooth (Serial profile)
  • Master code has been modified to identify damaged slaves and relay the information back to the PC
  • The old actuator control software on the PC has been replaced by an improved GUI application with extensive error reporting and finer control system

A list of features of the new software:

  • GUI based COM Port selection (no longer needs to be done through code). User preferences are remembered and typically needs to be done only once per system
  • Diagnostic screen indicates status of master controllers (for actuators as well as the robotic arm) and slaves.
  • Sliders to control individual actuators, supplemented by text fields for finer control
  • Buttons to move all actuators or reset them
  • Threaded and highly responsive (all controls are synchronized to reflect current actuator status).

A couple of screenshots:

COM Port Selection:

Diagnostics and Control Screen

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